Healing Clinic


On September 8th, Shawn & Michelle held a corporate meeting to share with the local church body of Dominion Outreach Centre what God has been revealing to them about this coming season.

"We believe that this is a season of retreat.  Not retreat in running from a battle, but 'going on a retreat' to restructure, strategize and refresh for the coming season.  We know God is calling us to a season of prayer."

Shawn heard the Lord share with him that it is a season of "getting back to his roots", and this was clearly directed towards the area of prayer.

"To facilitate both prayer & restructuring, we have decided to put various ministries and functions on 'pause'.  This is to say that we are taking a step back to get before God and find his heart for the next stage of this journey."

As Michelle shared on Sunday evening, this gives us a chance to get the blueprints from heaven for the vision that God has given us.

These ministries are not 'ending', nor is there a deeper reason for their pause, it is simply to allow the room & focus to shift from maintaining, to strategically planning & preparing, to ensure that the ministries within Kingdom Culture are the most effective they can be.

As of August 24th, New Renaissance will no longer meet on a Monthly basis.  As we are launching into a new semester of Connect Groups, this gives our Young Adults an opportunity to connect on a personal, small group level to grow spiritually and connect to the heart of the ministry.

As of October 4th (last day) the Healing Clinic will be placed on pause.  This will allow both the leadership of KCM and the team who pray on a consistent basis to refresh and restrategize to make the Healing Clinic the most effect and powerful ministry it can be.

As of September 8th, the Resting Place (soaking in God's presence) will also be placed on pause for the same reasons.

Shawn shared out of John 15 that even the healthy, fruit bearing branches get pruned to allow new growth in the coming season.  These ministries are not being 'ended', nor are they being paused because they are unfruitful, but rather there is a specific call within the ministry to pray & seek God's face for what He has prepared for us.



Shawn & Michelle and the Kingdom Culture Staff.

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Dominion Outreach Centre (DOC) is a church in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that believes in the transforming power of God. DOC is a ministry of Kingdom Culture.

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